Master Key Experience – Week 11: The Importance Of a Mastermind

December 10th 2019

Hey Great People!

I felt I was slipping this week and wasn’t happy with my focus. Its such a great thing to have our guides who have experienced this before to go to and I thank JJ for listening to me and reaffirming me that I was actually doing some good stuff. As Napoleon Hill says in the formula for success, “nobody makes it without a mastermind partner”.

I’m not the best of readers as I don’t absorb it very well but I am a great lover of music and I have put my words of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) to a song that really connects with me and I play that often when I am on my treadmill in the morning as I am doing my routine.

I’ve promised to myself I’m going to give my subbie a bit of a break (just a bit) over this Christmas period as it is a hectic time and I’m going to get stuck right back into my drill and push myself more with new promises that I aim to keep after our holiday.

I promise to manifest autonomy and helping others I always keep my promises Darren Davis.

Peace everyone 😎

7 Comments on “Master Key Experience – Week 11: The Importance Of a Mastermind

  1. I’m giving myself a holiday break as well. On my POA card I read the task and add “after vacation.” I started slipping up on some of my MKE readings, etc. and noticed a change in myself, i.e., the old blueprint showing up, some old negativity, etc. So, although I’ll give myself some time to enjoy the holidays, I won’t skip my exercises. I don’t want that old cement coming back. Happy hoiidays.


  2. I can’t give my subby a break – he’ll take full advantage and I’ll be worse off for it! So Ima keep hammerin’, yo! (sorry for the bad Breaking Bad lingo) 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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