The Master Key “Guide” Experience – Communicating a Better Way

April 30th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

So, we’ve started our training on the “Color Code” Personality Test this past week. I originally took this test around mid-2019 in my quest to explore and constantly improve myself and to help others.

There are 4 colours to the different personalities and mine is blue. Each colour has its own driving core motive and blues motive is intimacy. Red’s is Power, White’s is Peace and Yellow’s is Fun.

So, our training goes in to a lot more detail than simply doing the test on one self. Now we learn how to communicate more efficiently with the other personality types; what to say and what not to say. I look forward to this additional tool and learnings, so I can not only improve myself but the way I communicate with everyone else in my life and business. Why would you not want to improve your relationships to yourself and others? – Grateful.

5 Comments on “The Master Key “Guide” Experience – Communicating a Better Way

  1. Hi Darren! I have loved learning about the color code in our guide training and look forward to learning more and applying it in communication. I’m a Blue too, and better communication to improve relationships is, as you know, a core need for us 🙂 Keep up the good work! ♥

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