Challenges – JUst Do It

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 27

Again, I am going to write a short blog. Boring to some maybe, but one of the fantastic tools I have improved on for myself from the Master Key Experience is FOCUS. And I’m so grateful for that.

I used to get very distracted, but I can easily look at my situation now and do a quick appraisal, then quickly turn my focus on THE MAIN THING. And as my mentor and great friend Mark J says, “you gotta keep the main thing the main thing, coz it’s the main thing.

And long blogs are not my Main Thing just now – but working on my current “Challenge” to go on Facebook and promote / give away some free emotional therapy to some local Dads having child custody concerns is.

We gotta make a difference if we know we’re capable of it, don’t we?

Onwards and Upwards great people.

2 Comments on “Challenges – JUst Do It

  1. Darren, good for you for being so focused. From your blog rover friend John.


  2. Darren, Congratulation on learning how to focus on the main thing and to not let other things distract you. This is something that I too have to work on. I appreciate your openness and honesty about the situation.
    From your Blog Rover Friends, Eulaine

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