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Hey Great People! I was born in Adelaide, did a trade and then travelled Oz for 20 years with 25 years in total in the mining game. I met and worked with a lot of great people, earned some big money as you do in the mines, but I hated it due to the egos and greed so prevalent there. I had a relationship breakup with a beautiful but only 5 month old daughter at the time, which saw me spiral into deep depression. I got help and my life changed. I became a therapist myself and have been helping others since 2006, although it is quiet lately. A few years after my breakup, I met my beautiful wife online from Indonesia and we have 2 champion sons, 8 and 10. We consider ourselves so lucky to have met each other online and be so compatible. I love them dearly and I am grateful after the shit I went through. I have had a variety of jobs, but never really "loved" any of them. Enter Network Marketing last year. The thing that made me fall in love with it, is how you can achieve from helping others achieve - Brilliant. Only thing is, at this stage, I'm an amateur. I blabbed off about it at the start, made heaps of mistakes, then decided to shut my mouth. I researched and found the infamous Mark J. I still have my challenges, but am working on them every day. I am just astounded at the value him and his team give. It has highlighted to me not only how I want to run my businesses, but how others should also. I've been doing the MKE routine probably around the 90% mark and aim to improve. I am noticing changes already. Ideas are just flowing to me about business and achieving. My wife is noticing and commenting about my positive changes already. Loving it. I've helped many people with my modality of emotional therapy, but I am blown away at what the MKE has to offer, even at this early stage of the game - exciting times ahead. Onwards and Upwards.

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