Press Release

Well here I am, feeling so autonomous and purposeful as I sit on my comfortable leather couch, watching a special on the tv about myself and the successful business I’ve created.

It’s December 2023 and the scene shows me being interviewed, outside on the verandah of our beautiful home on the river Murray, for the television program, Australian Story. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the river is so calm that you can clearly see the reflection of the river gum trees and the sandstone cliffs in the reflection of the water.

I sip on a beautiful cup of Chamomile tea and the scene changes to me and my family, just having returned flying first class from a fulfilling 2-month overseas holiday in Europe. We had such a rewarding time, exploring new places and meeting beautiful people. We also spent much of the time abroad with our enthusiastic international team members, building and fine tuning our business. Having the autonomy to plan holidays and events that helps people only enriches our lives every day.

I did it, I was nominated for Australian of the year, thanks to the unique business concept I created and the skills I’ve learned and practiced along the way. I am recognised for my business that helps everyday people achieve in life, even when they think they can’t.

The story reflects my life of hard work, my ups and downs and my burning desire to create success by helping people in many different ways. Ninin, my beautiful wife, sits relaxed by my side and lovingly answers questions about our journey together.

“How did you do it?”, I’m asked. What are the reasons you are so successful?” My reply is, “I simply focused on bringing out the best in people.” I now have the time freedom to help people whenever I choose to. It is such a comfort to know the funds are constantly coming in on a regular basis to help fund the people I help and the new projects I create.

One scene shows me eating a good breakfast, going for a bike ride and meditating as part of my daily ritual, making me look and feel so focused and healthy.

Now and then, the program switches to my work colleagues and team members, who share their heart felt experiences about the fulfilling work culture we have created together. I feel overjoyed with love as I watch the glow of personal growth and achievement on their faces.

The scenes in the program change from one success story to another, the small businesses I have helped make successful, the parents that I have helped reduce their working hours and the underprivileged people my company has mentored to achieve their true dreams in life.

Our ski boat pulls up to our beautiful grassed beach area with my eldest son Jackson driving. He has just taken his brother Adam for a wakeboard ride. It’s a week day, most people are going to work, while we enjoy a loving family day at home.

The show then turns to my 3 beautiful kids as they sit in the glistening sunshine and talk about how proud they are of their father and the lifestyle they now have.

All three of them are involved in the business and loving it. It makes me so proud as I’ve watched them grow into beautiful human beings who love helping others.

A scene shows Ninin lovingly cooking one of her beautiful Indonesian meals for our family and friends, instead of doing it for a job, as her catering business is now fully self-sufficient whilst she oversees it. We continue our hands-on help to cook for the homeless and she relishes the spare time she has to work on her personal project of our 100-bed orphanage in Indonesia.

One of the end scenes, entails group videos of our team and business partners from all over the world rejoicing in the work they are doing and the glory of success from helping others.

After the program is aired, it only expands our business growth and the more people we can help.

I feel so grateful to the people who have helped me along the way, the challenges I overcame and the faith I held onto to make this all happen.