The Master Key Experience: What is it?

July 2nd 2020

Hey Great People!

QUESTION: Have you ever been watching a movie, a sports game or a musician and REALLY been enthralled with an individuals performance? – You connect with them, you admire them, and maybe even feel that you are in their shoes?

Some call this the Heroes Journey (Mythologist Joseph Campbell) Well, these MKE people have had that calling of their own Heroes Journey.

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I have had the privilege not only to go through the MKE, but also to collaborate with these beautiful people – AND many more. The MKE isn’t just a weekend event with some people you hang with for a short time, it’s an ongoing collaboration. The generosity and the value we all get and give each other, even after the event, is mind blowing. There are so many Go-Givers we work with and get support from, and they understand that when we connect to our true inner selves, we gain so much from life.

You may have heard of the saying “You can count all your good friends on 1 hand”, well the MKE blows that saying right out of the water. The connections made within the MKE are testament to that.

But hey, don’t listen to me. Click on their photos in our Youtube channel and see what they have to say. 🙂

The Master Key Experience Retreat: Online from Kauai

June 15th 2020

Hey Great People

Another Positive from COVID-19 allowed me to attend the MKE Retreat online, that is usually in Kauai, Hawaii. So many good things have occurred in my life due to this situation that many others are stressing about.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for those who have suffered, but I was made redundant 2 and 1/2 months ago and I have done nothing but focus on the good stuff and good things have come my way. And they continue to – We are what we think.

Many of us from around the world, gathered on zoom calls for 4 x 5.5hour sessions to continue to promote and grow our true selves. The MKE looks at the premise that we are all born golden, but the world around us can change who we were truly born to be. This brilliant helps us to reconnect to the gifts that are already WITHIN us!!

We are all so grateful to Mark Januszewski, his wife the Fabulous Davene and Lori Enrico for putting this together to encourage more people to be Self-directed Thinkers.

Here’s how people describe their Master Key Experience:

JANE: “It’s the best Self Development Course I’ve taken. There’s Nothing Like It”

PAMELA: “It’s about becoming a Self Directed Thinker, based upon your deepest desires and passions.”

NANCY: “It’s a Self Discovery experience that will help you overcome the negative and accentuate the positive in your life.”

REBECCA: “It is the key to bringing you to your best life, to exercising and discovering your bliss. I can’t tell you what your experience will be, but it will be perfect.”

RICK: “It’s an experience like no other with hands on support to reach your bliss”


The Master Key “Guide” Experience – Speaking in “Colours”

June 3rd 2020

Hey Great People!

There is a saying in Sales: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person” – Do you think that’s right?

As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in why people do the things they do and why they say the things they say, including myself. People are the way they are for a reason and I’ve found it extremely beneficial to have a non-judgmental and open mind about what people say and do. And now, through my study to be a Guide in the Master Key Experience, I am exposed to another fantastic tool. And I am studying this so I can communicate more effectively to the 4 main personality types that we all are. This is so I can improve my communication and relationships with the people in my life and to grow my passion (and baby) that is Global Heroes.

I did the free test myself in early 2019 and then paid to do the full test shortly after. I wanted to know more about myself – We can often be looking for the answers “Out There”, but as most people know, The Real Answers Come From Within. I am a BLUE and Blue personality types core motive is Intimacy. We like to connect to people on a personal level and some of the strengths we have are, compassion, sincerity, loyalty, intuitiveness and dependability. Some limitations we can have are worrying too much, being too sensitive, perfectionism and moodiness. But BLUES love to serve. Typical Blues are nurses, teaches and carers to name a few.

REDS – They like to be in charge. Their core motive is Power. They know how to take action and want to see production. But they can be insensitive.

YELLOWS – They like to Party, Woooohoooo! Their core motive is FUN! They usually are the life of the conversation and like to talk a lot and be noticed. But often are not very organised.

WHITES – Their core motive is PEACE. They don’t like to be rushed and like to have all the facts in place before they take action, but are known to be indecisive.

But we love them all! It takes all types and when we understand more about people’s behaviours, WOW, what a fantastic tool to have in our kit. What colour are you?

As a blue, you can see how I have included in this blog, all of you and your Colours. And that is because I want to connect to ALL of you.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the planet got more INTIMATE, to see how POWERFUL we could be to create more undefined and FUN in this world?

Maybe there’s something in THIS!!

The Master Key Experience – More Manifestation

May 22nd 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

More manifestation has occurred from things I wanted back in October 2019.

As Master Key Experience course goers, we created our own movie boards with pictures and objects of what we want to manifest in our lives. I have been so pleasantly surprised this past week when a couple of times I’ve glanced at the movie board and smiled as I’ve acknowledged things (including pictures of people I want to work with) I’ve obtained on it. And just like we were told during the course, “Don’t worry about HOW things will be manifested, just do the habits, it’ll come”. And it has. We were also informed that the manifestation may come from avenues unknown. And they have. – Just amazing!

It is hard mental labour to introduce and continue with new habits when all other distractive activities are happening around us, but is it worth it? YOU BET. I have known I’ve got something special to offer the world for some time and I feel so good, knowing I’m on a brilliant journey to my higher self whilst helping others reach their higher self at the same time. Why would anyone not want to do that? I’m actually getting a bit teary now as I write this, when I think about how Mark Januszewski, his wife The Fab D and all the beautiful team, guides and associates have and still are creating so many ripple effects from the MKE course! And then I picture the ripple effects that I’m making now and going to continue to make as I manifest my Definite Major Purpose – WOW, just WOW!!

I am also so blessed to be on this journey, with some beautiful souls I’m meeting more and more, and communicating with from all around the world.


The Master Key “Guide” Experience – The Influencer

May 11th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

What another brilliant tool to live by – The Influencer book. No, it’s not about controlling people, but more so to guide people to help themselves so that they can take control of their own lives as opposed to being part of “the machine”.

This is our latest study in what myself and some other beautiful people around the globe are doing, so that we can help others to be Self Directed Thinkers, just as WE were guided to be, when we did the MKE. What an exciting journey it is and it compliments our Master Key Experience together to date, as we watch each other grow and shine more and more. And this is so we all can be who and what we were born to be.

Unfortunately, many people don’t connect to the unique gifts they were born with, because to get there, we have to step out of our comfort zones a bit. But what really is more comfortable? – Conforming to “the machine” or connecting to your true self?

Are you willing to give up the life you have for the life that is waiting for you?

The Master Key “Guide” Experience – Communicating a Better Way

April 30th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

So, we’ve started our training on the “Color Code” Personality Test this past week. I originally took this test around mid-2019 in my quest to explore and constantly improve myself and to help others.

There are 4 colours to the different personalities and mine is blue. Each colour has its own driving core motive and blues motive is intimacy. Red’s is Power, White’s is Peace and Yellow’s is Fun.

So, our training goes in to a lot more detail than simply doing the test on one self. Now we learn how to communicate more efficiently with the other personality types; what to say and what not to say. I look forward to this additional tool and learnings, so I can not only improve myself but the way I communicate with everyone else in my life and business. Why would you not want to improve your relationships to yourself and others? – Grateful.

My Master Key Experience – Training to Be a Guide

April 14th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since the end of our 26 week program on the Master Key Experience.

Hands On Help

I have had emotional therapy before in my life’s journey, and tried many other methods to “be happy”, but the MKE definitely is the best personal development work I have done for myself. Yes it’s work, but well worth it – I am well and truly addicted to it. And it is so fulfilling to know that my journey will just keep on developing with so many achievements to come along the way. But it’s not just the journey, I am shining in more ways each day as well. I have noticed some beautifully connected, but subtle “shifts” in myself. (not bad for someone who was so depressed for years and once found himself in a hopeless, helpless suicidal way, curled up in a foetal position in the bottom of a shower well).

In the beginning of the MKE, we were guided to develop and write our Definite Major Purpose, a 400 word hand written paper that I read to myself (with feeling!!) 3 times a day, along with other new “habits”. I am so blown away at how amazing things are just developing from my DMP, even though when I wrote it, I didn’t know how some of these things were going to happen.

My business looks FANTASTIC, and it’s not even from where I thought it would come from!! But I wrote it and I read it to myself over and over and it’s developing!!

Another one of the statements I wrote was, “I help people connect with their true purpose in life and give them hands on help to achieve it”, and I really didn’t know at the time HOW I was going to do this!! AND NOW, I get the opportunity to be an MKE Guide!!

So, the next chapter begins, of this beautiful journey. Looking so forward to being more involved of this brilliant “MOVEMENT” that is the Master Key Experience. I’ve connected with my true purpose well and truly. Why would I not want to help others connect to their purpose in life?

Let’s do it

Master Key Experience – COMMENCEMENT

March 30th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

Wow, what a journey – SO FAR!!


My 2 personal pivotal needs are Helping Others and Autonomy. I have habitually thought, felt and read these over and over to myself for the past 26 weeks of this brilliant course. They both have well and truly manifested.

HELPING OTHERS: I created 2 Meetup groups – 1 has over 250 volunteers who (about 12 people at a time) help us prepare and cook food for the homeless. The other is relatively new, but is about helping others and ourselves achieve in life, simply by sharing our skills, knowledge, experience and resources with each other at little or no cost. Many zoom calls to follow 🙂

AUTONOMY: I had a fair bit of Autonomy already with my job. Now I have even more, as I was just made redundant due to the state of the economy from the Carona Virus. I blame no one, as I certainly wished it to myself. I’m grateful it happened.

ONWARDS: I am so grateful to have more time now, to move forward quicker. AND, with the skills from the MKE, I can grow my passion that is Global Heroes and grow my home business. Due to my dislike of watching TV, attempting to stay away from all things negative and the MKE of course, I see nothing but opportunity right now with being able to help people more.

Even with that Cvoid thingo that is going around, WE CAN SHINE, as we share what we’ve got. I can see myself now looking back and re-reading this blog, with a comfortable smile of success and achievement.

Thank you so much to Mark J, Davene, GG, Pops, Lori, Lucinda, my beautiful guide JJ, all the other guides, the people I’ve connected with, anyone I’ve missed and all the beautiful people in this awe-inspiring journey, that is the MKE and LIFE.

Onwards and Upwards – Big Time!


Master Key Experience – Week 24: We Are What We Think

March 26th 2020

Hey Great People! undefined

For anyone who has completed the Master Key Experience or, who like me have come this far into it – The world needs you, and especially now. We have so much to offer, due to our self directed thinking.

I have always considered myself a bit of a peacemaker, but I’ve noticed it more lately and I’m grateful for the MKE for this and so many other qualities it has highlighted from within me. Listening and noticing colleagues, friends and family panic and in fear, always brings me to putting a positive spin on the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing down the current world situation (you’ll notice I don’t even like mentioning the word), but there still is so much good happening out there and a lot of good people doing great things. I don’t watch the TV, I love promoting the good stuff!

I believe there will be a lot of good come of all this and I am planning to do a lot of good in between.

Stay safe everyone – We have a lot to offer 🙂

Master Key Experience – Week 23: Success is Service

March 17th 2020

Hey great people! undefined

What an amazing week this past one has been.
There has been some lows but I’ve definitely had my equal share of highs as well, and I am grateful for all of it.
My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) is manifesting slowly but surely.


There were many times in the beginning where I felt so alone on my journey. But a deep desire and feeling within kept me moving forward with what often seemed like a crazy notion, that I have been working on.
As Point 5 of the blueprint builder says: I induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve others is definitely working and I have attracted 2 great people and Mastermind partners who are assisting me with my DMP – because of my willingness to help them and others.
My master plan and DMP certainly involves plenty of giving without the expectation of reciprocity and plenty of aspects of being in service to others but at the same time helps many people achieve, including ourselves; the ones who are involved. But we are not concentrating on what we desire as much as we are focused on helping others first and being in service – and it is all manifesting into “a movement” that is so addictive.

There’s more to come – Onwards & Upwards