Master Key Experience – Week 3: A Definite Major Purpose

October 14th 2019

Hey Great People! undefined

I had written my DMP a few months ago when I was doing Go90Grow with Mark and co. and thought I had it pretty well sewn up. When I first submitted it to my guide here in the MKE, it was sent back to be revised and from week 2 also. I was a bit frustrated at this and towards my guide, but after this last webinar, I’m grateful. It’s not the fact that we HAVE TO rewrite our DMP, it’s the opportunity that WE GET TO WRITE THE STORY OF OUR LIFE!!

It highlighted to me that although I felt I was focusing on one of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotol Needs) of helping others, I had actually been putting myself first. I really welcomed that acknowledgement.

Mum is doing this with me also, so it’s great to bounce off each other and see each other improve.

It really does need to be said also, that the training and value of what Mark and the team offers is just so valuable and I am extremely grateful for it. I take this attitude on board, and from this day forward, I aim to overcompensate people throughout my life and within my business ventures.

Loving this journey!

Master Key Experience – Week 2: New Habits

October 10th 2019

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My mum is doing the Master Key Experience with me, so it will be great to see each other grow as we progress. I’ve been pretty good at the new “habits” we’ve been given to do and can see them affecting me and the people around me already. Doing the meditation in the sit and switching that racing mind off is a challenge, but practice makes perfect – onwards and upwards.

Speaking of challenges, I’ll state here now my biggest one so that I can look back later and laugh at it later 🙂

I overthink things and am guilty of “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good” – the small tasks/new habits we are getting so far is a great start (e.g. Saying “Do it Now” x 25 times twice daily and “I always keep my promises)

As I said, I look forward to looking back at this blog with a comfortable smile, knowing how far I’ve come


Master Key Experience – Week 1: Something Needs to Change

October 10th 2019

Hey Great People! undefined

I have begun a journey – A Heroes Journey!

This is the beginning of a new 26 week Personal Development Program – The Master Key Experience.

Really excited about changing the old blueprint of my “conditioned & limited beliefs”. Mostly I see the positive in life, but anything we can do to improve ourselves benefits not only us but the people around us.

Love the fact also, that my young boys are watching me closely in my journey. My 8 year old already has written his first Definite Major Purpose statement. We laminated it last night and he takes it to bed with him to read before he goes to sleep.

Lots of work to do here, but well worth it. Sharing the journey with you great people 🙂